Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Brony's Letter to Other Bronies: Why I Hate You All

I haven't really made a secret about being a brony. I like a TV show not typically for my age bracket, oh, how awful. I have one of the McDonald's toys. I have a shirt that replaces the Ford Mustang logo with a pony. Hell, I made 'Sweetie Belles' a unit of measurement. I enjoy the TV show. I read the fanfiction. What a huge deal.

I appreciate the community...mostly. As a whole, we've put out some of the best art, fiction, and music there is, even though most of the music really isn't my style. We've organized massive conventions, we've united facets of the Internet, blah blah blah. Love and tolerate and shit.

I'm tired of the community.

I can safely say, as a member of it, the brony community has got to be one of the most obnoxious there is. Even as a distanced member who mostly lurks FIMfiction and avoids Equestria Daily, I feel like my opinion that a majority of bronies are massive sacks of shit is pretty justifiable. Like, here:

Actually fucking love and tolerate. Look, I'm not going to put myself on a pedestal here. I don't love and tolerate. I love what I find worth loving, tolerate what I'm forced to, and hate everything else. I have an image to keep up, here. I've never claimed to love and tolerate, but if you do, all the power to you.

Unless you actually don't. In fact, well over 90% of bronies I've seen that claim to love and tolerate will fervently spew a lot of meaningless babble about how you're a big stinky butt face the very second you say something they disagree with. I think the biggest example of this can be seen in the form of cloppers. For those of you who don't know, 'cloppers' is a term for people who whack it to pony porn, AKA clop.

As a wise man on /b/ once told me, "You don't know shit about your fandom until you've masturbated to it."

Jesus Christ do people explode when the subject of clop is brought up. The hardcore bronies will take the stance that you, as a hideous disgrace of a human being that dares call itself a brony, are a bad person for rubbing one off to pastel yellow horse ass, even if it's anthro. Funnily enough, these people who condemn cloppers so are usually the ones that preach their message of love and tolerate. Hey, fuckheads? Where's your love and tolerate now? Fuckasses.

So you can see the hypocrisy that goes on here, hopefully; and how absolutely fucking maddening it is to be a  neutral side caught in the crossfire. Speaking of a neutral party being caught in crossfire, stop taking over literally everything. I can't even go to a fucking LP of Pikmin 2 without seeing the comments being completely absorbed by the ultramassive singularity of omg whats your favorite pony. Jesus fuck. Just leave it at a simple /) or something. Better still, don't fucking say anything at all. You don't need to say anything at all.

Which brings me to another point: you are not a fucking victim. You are not singled out for being a brony. Few people legitimately hate people just for that one insignificant reason. What people do hate you for, however, is blundering into a thread or comment section, screaming about ponies. If you deserve that, you deserve every bit of hate that comes your way. You earned that hate, Obnoxious Brony. You earned every bit of it.

Now, I know all about the sheer levels of irritating fandoms can reach. I am a member of the three most hated fandoms on the Internet: MLP, Homestuck, and, to a lesser extent, Hetalia. Every goddamn thing I'm saying in this can also be applied to you, zealous 'let me tell you about Homestuck' guy or 'Hetalia is best anime kawaii desu uguu~' person.

This is unrelated, but I can't find a good segway into it: 'pony' is not a genre of music. Also, ponies don't make music better. As for the first: Jesus shit, you would not believe the people who think subject matter suddenly changes a music's genre. I see this everywhere in music, and, as much as I hate to be a genre snob, it drives me insane. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the so-called pony music. We get it. It's the 3,806th dubstep remix of Smile Smile Smile. The fact that it's ponies is sort of implied when Smile Smile Smile is the song being fucking remixed, here.

No, your precious ponies don't make it better, either. Maybe your favorite artists just so happen to make those 3,806 dubstep remixes of Smile Smile Smile. Where are the other genres, anyway? How many acoustic artists are out there? There's even one called 'AcousticBrony,' for Christ's sake. He had to call himself that. Do you know what I want to see? Pony grindcore. Pony British heavy metal. Or, even better, a MLP-themed Cannibal Corpse cover band called Cannibal Colt.

C'mon, Internet. You know you want to.

I got distracted by how hilarious a song called Encased in Cupcakes would be. Let me get back on track:

Now, this part is just a general, unthemed list of hostility and irritation I have with the community. Like, shut the fuck up about Derpy Hooves. I get she's a fandom mascot. I get a lot of people identify or like the character. That's fine. What I'm tired of are two things: Derpy Hooves/Ditzy Doo wars and fucking muffins jokes.

The former: quit your bitching about shit. Rainbow Dash called her Derpy. Case fucking closed.

The latter: the last time I saw a muffins joke inserted into something well, it was a long ass time ago. Please stop doing it. It's not funny anymore.

Quit getting butthurt about 'X is a Y' jokes. The backlash I've seen at people who say 'Rarity is a marshmallow,' 'Fluttershy is a tree,' 'Scootaloo is a chicken,' etc etc, is almost as hilarious as the initial joke isn't.

Related: quit getting butthurt when people say 'Rainbow Dash is totally a lesbian.' I don't even want to say anything about this. You are just the type of person who looks for things to be offended about. (Plus, she totally is.)

Don't get mad at people who downloaded the leaked version of Fighting is Magic. Like you're any better. If you're on the Internet, I'm guessing half of the contents of your iTunes is from YouTube and every movie you own is on a silver disc with the movie name misspelled in Sharpie on the front. I know not everyone on the Internet is like that. But still, fuck you.

Not everything has to be a horrible pun. Doctor Whooves. Stalliongrad. Trottingham. Seaddle. Whinnypego. And, most heinous, Prance, even after Fluttershy actually described something as being French in one episode. Stop it. Fucking stop it.

I honestly can't believe I even have to say this: stop posting 'human is turned into pony' and 'human in Equestria' fics. Even the rest of the fandom hates them. Fucking stop.

My Little Dashie wasn't that good. I read it. It wasn't. Neither was Cupcakes, but at least that was meant to be a joke.

Challenge to you self-righteous bronies: don't hate me for everything I've said in this that offends you. Love me for it, you ignorant shitwits. Have a nice day!

PS: Zecora is best pony.


  1. You sir, deserve a medal.


    1. While I myself enjoy the show, I agree with him that there are obnoxious fans who take things too far and try to make themselves the next civil rights movement. I would like to think of myself as a sensible person who can enjoy the show without harming or annoying other people.

      Love and Tolerance - This can be hypocritical when you hate people who have different opinions, who dislike the show, or even those who claim to hate the fandom not because the show was originally meant for a younger female audience. If someone gave the first few episodes a chance, criticized it, and then said they didn't like it or care for it, there is nothing wrong with that. I would only have problems with people who make assumptions and don't really learn about the show and fandom. I can tolerate that some people love this show, some hate it, some view the show, and others are more active in the community. I have also accepted the fact that there will be people who will hate us and harass us for our interest in the show.

      Clopping - I think many bronies react negatively to this because it is a factor that the media and many haters use to portray the fandom in a negative way. I honestly don't care what people do with this franchise in private, but I don't need to know.

      Taking over everything - This is a sad truth. We don't need to relate ponies with everything we see in life. If I am on a Halo forum talking about that universe, I do not need to see comments or threads about this show. There are many youtube videos with Q from Star Trek, and bronies flood the comments about Discord from the show. A few Star Trek fans called the bronies out on this. I get that Discord and Q are similar and portrayed by John deLancie, and that his MLP appearance encouraged some people to check out Star Trek, but anything about MLP should stay within the appropriate sites, forums, videos, etc.

      Victim - You are only a victim when you people treat you horribly for just enjoying the show. If you start preaching this like the gospel or harming everyone else with this show, then you no longer have the right to be called a victim.

      Music - I enjoy some songs, and others I don't care for. The subject matter does not make the songs any better or worse.

      Derpy Hooves - If you like her, that should be enough. You don't have to act like you are telling someone something important.

      Quit getting butthurt about 'X is a Y' jokes - I don't care about those jokes.

      Related: quit getting butthurt when people say 'Rainbow Dash is totally a lesbian - Agreed and her sexual orientation should not matter. I will love this character regardless.

      I don't know about that game.

      Puns- I don't care if they are on pony related sites or other media, but just keep it in appropriate places.

      Ponies into Humans - Equestria Girls happened. They should remain ponies, not turn into another species.

      My Little Dashie- Some people love it and got emotional about it. I didn't care for it and I did not cry.

      Thank you for having the courage to say your honest opinion on the fandom and where they do go wrong.

    2. im glad im not the only one who thought of this.

  2. Zecora is best pony made me chuckle

  3. If only more bronies can be like you...

    1. ...i'm trying to write a research paper on why we are hated and why they think this. So he is not the only one. I'm trying to show them in my research paper that we are not so bad than they think, in fact, excluding the show and the toys, we are very creative when it comes to what we make, such as PMV, YTPMV, music, and animations. Honestly, i'm more of the just chillax and just let all your worries go kind of brony. Just don't let what they say get to you. meh. i just want the hatred to end. It is starting to get annoying...

    2. You must be new in that fandom then, kiddo...

    3. What do you mean? In my opinion, a lot of bronies are like this; albeit without hating the rest of the fandom. Of course, not to say that hating the fandom is bad. Everyone has an opinion.

  4. Holy shit this is so perfect.

  5. Congratulations sir, you are probably the most sensible brony alive.

  6. You, sir, are a good man! Thank you for having the courage to admit that "My Little Dashie" is NOT on par with Shakespeare-scary how to think most of these guys think that!

  7. And one more thing,,,"Plus Rainbow Dash totally is (a lesbian)"


  8. You make good points, and I'd have to agree with them, but personally I find most of the things hard core bronies do more amusing than annoying. The one thing that really irks me is their hypocracy with the "Love and Tolerate" mantra. For example, I can relate with your example of clopping. I am neutral on that matter, so it gets annoying when one minute they're, "Love and toleration should rule the nation!" and the next they're "OMG CLOPPER FUCK GO DIE YOU PEDO SHIT"

    Seriously, what people do in their free time doesn't hurt anybody. Spend your energy fighting for a cause that really matters.

    1. Perfectly said bro.

    2. I agree, I don't mind cloppers. I certainly don't support them - but don't hate them either.

      Heck, even anti-bronies don't bother me. The last time I wrote a hateful message on the internet must have been at least half a year ago. I just don't see the point in wasting your energy typing "OMG NO IDIOT WTF"...

    3. Cloppers force porn that people don't want to see, apon them relentlessly. When people say those things about cloppers they're more or less saying "Leave me alone you peice of shit! I don't want to see that!"

      It just isn't fair to consider cloppers good people. You'de have to white wash so much inexcusable activity to do so.

    4. The problem I see with cloppers is that many people believe all bronies are like that. It's not the cloppers fault, sure, but..

  9. Meh, I can agree to disagree. Now to disregard my first sentence and nitpick at everything you said;
    "Actually fucking love and tolerate" I think bronies should to this as well, personally I love everything; but don't like everything. So not much I'll say here
    For clop, I tried looking at it; just didn't turn me on or whatever, but I actually looked up why it is about 20 to 30 percent of bronies clop and I have a new respect for them. But yeah bronies just toss there rules out the window when talking on clop.
    "Stop taking over literally everything" Until you can give a good reason why this is bad, you're point is invalid.
    "You're not a fucking victim" True, Haters are the real victims we're taking over everything, now every site practically has a brony group/thread. It's just ridiculous, but being of-topic like that doesn't really happen much anymore.
    "Ponies don't make music better" Well, thats like, your opinion man. My opinion as well, just sayin'...
    "Shut the fuck up about Derpy Hooves" This I can get behind, I don't really like derpy hooves.
    "Rainbow dash is totally a lesbian"" let's see what sarcastic jokes I can throw at this:
    O rly?
    you mean lyra right?
    pic or it didn't happen
    seems legit
    no shit sherlock
    you can't explain that
    You serious
    Yeah I'm done, but in all seriousness she is but not officially
    Stop posting human in equestria stoies..." I don't even touch those.
    "My little dashie wasn't that good" looks like it's time to go read that.
    Also cupcakes was the best comedy ever
    "not everything has to be a terrible pun"*insert terrible pun here*
    Meh you have a right to your opinion, at least.

    1. What happened to the tolerate half of "love and tolerate"?

      Your list of jokes you've created to fling at this guy kind of undid any credibility you gave your arguments.

    2. The reason why bronies putting ponies in everything is bad is that some people dont like having brightly colored horses shoved into serious games movies and tv.

    3. People are just incorporating things they like into other things they like there's nothing new here. yes granted bronies do ponify almost everything. why does it matter if they enjoy doing it then let them it doesn't hurt anyone or ruin the original thing that was ponified
      i think people should stop overreacting and get over small stuff like this.

    4. A more detailed data sets actually put clopper's numbers around 5%. not 20or30%.

    5. Taking over everything isn't bad? Really? Well, even though it's a bit late for this, sit your ass down so I can tell you why it's bad.
      For one, we (normal people) have to slosh through a shitstorm of pony pics if we want to find anything good. Since you have so many fanfics (some are bad, some not), almost every word comes up with one of the fuckers. I cannot search Apple Jacks Cereal. Undoable. The words I searched shouldn't show up on the second page.
      Speaking of all the fanfictions, it's horrible. As he said before: Doctor Whooves? Seriously? Stalliongrad? You, you do know what happened at Stalingrad, right? Start treating dead soldiers with more respect. Also, don't, just don't, put ponies in historical photos. You know, that offends some people. It'll always offend someone, but putting ponies on D-Day? Imagine you were the wife of a soldier who died that day and saw that crap. That was kind of going off on a tangent. Ok, so this is kind of for furries, stop with the FNaF fanfictions! The whole game is about murdering children and you're going to put in some happy-ass robotic pony or dog or whatever? It takes away the scariness, and that's one reason why people hate you all collectively as a whole.
      Speaking of fanfictions (again)...... cloppers. Eew. Like really, that's worse than the furry porn (whatever it's called). And the weird ass fanfics where they have sex. No. I shouldn't be scarred mentally for life going through the Collective.
      Not all bronies and pegasisters or whatever do this, but it's enough to piss people off.

  10. Painkiller Already for the win.

  11. Trottingham is actually canon. It was in Nightmare Night. Still, I understand your point. As a longtime MLP fan (loved it since I was a little girl), I've learned not to take myself or the fandom too seriously. It's a fun cartoon. That's all. I'm also a Star Trek fan, and I don't understand those wacko fans, either.

  12. The letter would sound slightly better if it lacked unncessary foul words and the self righteous tone of it all. Why so serious? 0verused quote, but it fit so well. Relax, man!

    But I agree on the dubstep thing. I don't even like it so it's hard for me to find remixes I like. There are some fantastic metal covers out there, however.

  13. You, TheUltimate, are 100% right about the sheer obnoxiousness of parts of the brony fan base. Some of the bronies are raging hypocrites, they aren't the victims most of the time, and their puns are downright horrible! You have earned my full respect.

    Oh, I forgot to mention that I'm an anti brony, but I only hate the bronies who deserve it.

    If you hate the obnoxious minority of the brony fandom, then you should join The Anti Brony Squad. In the A.B.S., our mission is to actually a improve the reputations of both bronies and anti bronies by only attacking the annoying bronies and the irrational brony haters. We will even work with the more sane bronies(like yourself) to make our goal possible.

    However, The Anti Brony Squad is in desperate need of members, as we are just starting out. You, TheUltimate, would make a particularly useful member. Our blog is on Care to join?

    1. Hey, is there an ABS group on dA or something? You should make one! dA is just swarming with ponies! Ponies of everything!

      Me looking at galleries: "Applemattox Courthouse my ass"

  14. This person is very bitter about life.

    1. Lesson learned: If someone disagrees with you they are bitter.

  15. Haters gonna hate. Some people still have faith in the community, and it is very sad to see those who don't spout hatred and cruelty towards their friends. Heck, it's ALWAYS sad to see people spewing hatred towards their fellows--part of the reason why I love the brony community is, for the most part, they are friendly. They love. They tolerate.

    1. Apart from those who hate their stupid vapid show. and those who call them out on the bullshit that is forcing ponies down everyone's throats.

  16. This guy has some good points, some of the bronies act like 12 year old COD fanboys. But I think it's a but unfair to dirext this at all of us, don't you think? Whenever someone mocks what I like, I just laugh it off and move on. Not all of us suck :p

  17. you broke rule #1 of the internet!

    You DO NOT talk about /b/.

    1. Oh STFU, about rules 1/2. There bullshit. 4chan and /b/ isnt a special club.

    2. But you just talked about /b/ SHIT!

      * Internet police show up *

  18. You are my fucking hero, and savior.

  19. I'll say it even more directly than the Anonymous on January 26th: You, sir, are the reason fandoms fracture. I joined the Brony movement (as a mature adult, I'll add) because it was something beautiful and wonderful. Thank you for setting me straight about the existence of needless cynicism and foulness.

    1. 'Cynicism and foulness'? Ah well. I think stuff like this is vital to our beloved bronydom. Questioning what we are is going to keep us alive. False notions of purity on the other hand can kill a fanbase in no time.

      @TheUltamate for the record, there's pony metal and industrial and other grimdark stuff, some of it quite good, because ponies make everything better. THEY DO 8)

    2. so if your privates turn into ponies...
      it's better?...
      stop that "ponies make everything" bullsh**...

    3. "needless cynicism and foulness"

      What an incredibly convenient way to deflect criticism.

    4. "needless cynicism and foulness"

      What an incredibly convenient way to deflect criticism.

    5. "In fact, well over 90% of bronies I've seen that claim to love and tolerate will fervently spew a lot of meaningless babble about how you're a big stinky butt face the very second you say something they disagree with."
      Not really helping yourselves right now

  20. You're opinion is as good as mine,since i'm no brony myself,but the fact that they tend to shove everything into your face s just mind-numbingly annoying

  21. The only way to actually make ponies appealing is to remake it with an all male cast. The at least it would masterbatable.

  22. You are absolutely right in every way about the brony fandom. Bravo.

  23. You basically summed up every reason for why I am not really taking part too much of this community anymore...

    However there's this thing, might only be me though, when something is cute, everyone goes "DAW" and "HNNG" in every single comment. It's the only thing I see and it's fucking frustrating. Anything along the lines of DAW/HNNG/Diabeetus from cute/Heart attack from cute is unoriginal, overused and frustrating. If you want to say something is cute, either do it in some quirky way which is not in the said list, or just be normal and say "Heh, that's kinda cute".

    1. I have finally found my equal.

  24. Ok just make thing clear i an brony.
    Also your right most bronies wont stop with their stupid pun there not funny.
    The most over used is 'cool story bro needs more ponies though'.
    Which is a remixed 'cool story bro'

    One more thing i would like to say dear sir
    You have earned my 50% respect. the rest is for my mom.
    Last thing i'm offended at all and i seriously dont care what you say because you are right.
    Ps. "Rainbow is totally lesbian"
    You dont say?

  25. ^^^^ i ment im not offended
    And this was actually funny you should've used shit licks or dick farts

  26. For me the final straw was the pony music. Literally people just slapping pony pictures over random dubstep songs with Pinkie Pie samples for the millions of views.
    It's just too easy to pander to people now. Put pony tags in all of your videos/deviations on dA and watch the views come in.

  27. I typed up a response, but it exceeded Bloggers character limit.
    I offer a link instead -

  28. lol You all won the R-TARD Award


    Now go do something useful with your worthless lives and go hang yourselves.

    fucking ponys really lol

  29. "A Brony's Letter to Other Bronies: Why I Hate You All" This guy is such a pretentious self righteous hypocrite. "Quit bitching about shit" Followed by "Shut the fuck up about Derpy and muffins jokes." Followed by, "Quit getting butthurt about 'x is a y' jokes." followed by "Don't make terrible puns." Followed by "You're not victims. people don't hate you for liking ponies they hate you for screaming about them in every comment section." Then why do I comment on a video, "This looks like a cool game!" on a video, and I'm immedeately told, "GTFO ponyfag"

    1. Yea he bitches about how people must stop bitching about things way to go back on your arguement dude

  30. Cannibal Colt! Zecora is best pony!!!! lol I love it! I've been having issues with the fandom lately. I discovered the show on Netflix while finding something for my niece to watch. It grew on me, despite my initial thought that it might be one of those kid's shows that makes me wanna blow my brains out. So it became a thing to do for the family, we all loved the show!

    At first, I thought the idea of Bronyism was awesome, since the status quo has always been my arch-nemesis. I figured "of course the media is going to demonize and people will hate." Because it's a show for little girls, right? Wrong. Because of all the points you made, and then some. One of the original 4chan /co/ bronies said something like "I miss the days when we were a small community, before all these whiny assholes joined, and 'i am going to love & tolerate (the shit out of you)' was just a joke."

    So now, since it's in my nature to be contrary and I believe that once something gets too popular it begins to lose its magic, I'm a Brony-hating Brony, the lowest of all classes of outcast amongst outcasts. And I'm lovin' it, of course! Even though the latest trend is "WWWAAAAAA, accept me, please! Even though I obviously love the abuse & ridicule by obnoxiously spamming ponies everywhere they don't need to be and attacking anyone who doesn't like MLP with immature personal insults!!!! Why do you hate me???" Granted, I know quite a few of these might just be ur average /b/tard trolling, even though m00ts signed the peace treaty long ago. But it would be ridiculous to think that accounts for all of them.

    Anyways, loved the blog. Glad I found it. I've been needing to vent and you provided an appropriate forum! Thanks

    1. I know right? We wouldn't want to bitch about this hated fandom anymore.We just continue to live our lives and just focus on what we are doing now.
      P.S. Rainbow Dash is my favorite. :)

  31. This article is one of the most offending things I have seen.. Telling the Fandom to do this and that, claiming it to be bad when ever someone wants to enjoy the embracing.. I hate seeing bullsh*t like this.. These are those kind of articles that makes society a living hell.

    I'm sorry but if you don't like seeing stuff like "Whats your favorite pony" there is the number one thing to do (Or two) ignore it, or be open about it.

    But I'm sorry but I'm glad the Fandom is like this (Well not for the lying hatred bullsh*t like anti-cloppers, and maybe other issues), it shows that a Fandom can go so far with it's freedom and maybe turn it to a culture and there is nothing wrong with that. It's wonderful that a fandom can go "crazy". But you have every right to leave if you want I think.

    Maybe I should make a re-letter, lol.

    1. Okay, really. " shows that a Fandom can go so far with it's [sic] freedom and maybe turn it to a culture and there is nothing wrong with that." I respect your opinion, but I also respectfully disagree. I like MLP, but the majority of the bronies I've met/talked to/seen around online (and no, I won't say all; that's a gross generalisation) really like ramming ponies down peoples' throats. Sure, there are really nice people as well, but most bronies, even if they seem nice, turn out to be completely rabid if you criticise even one aspect of the show.

  32. Can we be friends? I like you.

  33. You're right: many of the things are always the same (especially that jokes and the "20% cooler" thing). The music is something. It is not that they are remixes, because some of them are created (even the voice). Even if it isn't my style of music, I say that it is special because it is music inspired by a show.

    On cloppers: I'm disappointed about that. Ponies are cute, and some artists make them beautiful, really. But I was just speechless when I heard about them. You can't masturbate on ponies!
    But that's what I think, I wouldn't throw bad words on cloppers (I just ignore those threads/pics).

    P.S. I want British Pony Metal too! That would be cool!

    1. Oh yeah. And I respect this community, it is just unique.

      85-90% of bronies are really respectful, and I'm proud to be in this percentage.

    2. Haha thanks! I love to start my day with a nice warm cup of lies and irony!

  34. I agree with what you say, but I don't really see all of the stuff you are describing. Is it a /mlp/ thing? I'm mostly a /r/mylittlepony guy. And the singling out for being a brony thing depends on the rest of your life.
    PS: Chrysalis is best pony

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. FINALY somone understands /) well done

  37. is it just me or has anonymous posted a fuckload of comments lol

  38. BRONY 4 EVA got pony wall paper, music, art, fan fictions DONT BE AFRAID, NO 1 CAN TELL U WHAT YOU CAN AND CANT WATCH. its given me a positive outlook on life. no 1 controls what i watch


  39. Is wearing a pony shirt in public like shoving ponies down people throats? Because you know, they are kind of forced to look at it if it comes in their eye sight... I don't consider myself an obnioxious brony since I agree what that guy said in his letter, like I'm not the kind of guy that will bother anyone really, so I just wanted to know that, since I though maybe buying me my first pony shirt soon, but I really don't want to be obnoxious if I wear it... So, it is the same or not? Thanks in advance Internet!

    1. it doesn't appear as obnoxious, it it isn't your immediate convesation starter. just... avoid:
      dying your hair like a pony
      wearing obvious pony clothes (pony pajama pants) in public
      wearing wings or horns or ears (except cons and halloween)
      that is Kay's Advice of The Day

  40. I have a Pinkie Pie Launcher. Your argument is invalid.

    1. Your Launcher doesn't even exist in real life.
      Your troll is invalid.

  41. Your right about everything execpt that bronies make the best music, fan fiction, and art.

  42. Here's a list of lies, over exaggerated statements and hypocrisies that bronies say:
    Lie: only a small portion of bronies are annoying and rabid, the majority of the community is nice and friendly!
    Bronies have trouble realising what is actually "nice", "rabid" and "annoying" on the Internet. What they find fun and entertaining, a lot of people find annoying and stupid. Get it through your heads! That automatically makes the previous statement false. If you can't determine what is and isn't annoying on the Internet with your own eyes then you sure as hell don't know what percentage of your fandom is actually annoying.

    Over exaggerated statement: bronies are just like black people and gays! We're considered outcasts and will be shunned for a while until we are accepted into society!

    Someone is obviously a f*cking pretentious douchebag.
    Blacks were forced to do hard, manual, unpaid labour and were taken away from their homelands, because of their skin colour.

    Gays were sentenced to death, tortured and shunned because of a hormonal imbalance they were born with.

    Bronies however, are annoying queer asses who cry and chuck hissy fits when they can't force somebody to watch the tv show for 5 year old's they jack off to.
    Don't compare yourselves to blacks and gays, you don't even deserve half of the respect they do.

    Hypocrisy: bronies are quick to make fun of haters and other fandoms but cry and bawl their eye's out when one person on the Internet makes fun of them. Yeah, love and toleration assholes.

    Lie: MLP:FiM cured my (insert mental disorder here)

    No it didn't. It may have helped you recover from it but it sure as hell didn't cure it. I don't think a show for 4 year olds is a cure for depression/autism/bipolar and many of the other conditions that bronies claim to have had before they found the magical cure of bullsh*tting.

    Over exaggerated statement: bronies make the best fandom/music/fan art/etc
    No, Bronies make the best (insert fan made sh*t here) according to YOU! I love anime. I think anime fans make the best fan art, but that's because I have a genuine interest in anime. You're comparing apples and dragons here, in a sense that you're comparing something you know a lot about (the apple) and something you've probably never even seen before (the dragon)

    Hypocrisy: if you hate our fandom so much just ignore it!
    Well if I could I would, but since you insist on shoving so much of your pony related sh*t down our throats it's impossible to escape. Here's a though, you don't NEED to ponify everything, the only people who are going to like it a fellow bronies (because let's face it, you could ponify a pile of sh*t and bronies will still like it because hurr durr eet hez ponies in eet!!!) and then you get all butthurt when fans of the original media say they don't like it. Fr f*cks sake, of course people who like the original media are going to dislike it if you take something made for adults and redesign it to put on nick j.r! And you know that so don't act like you didn't! It's like trying to sidestep sh*t on the street, when the whole entire street is made of sh*t, and then having someone who likes the sh*t street come up to you and say "if you don't like it just sidestep it". They clearly have no idea how annoying and abundant it is because they're so mesmerised with it to care about other stuff.

    And that's my 2 cents.

  43. Meh, couldn't care less about bronies.

    I myself enjoy the show to some extent. The art it's all very cute and stuff but it's hardly something of revolutionary. Then these guys popped out of thin air and lung at anything that demostrates the least amount of dislike for their precious show; a show aimed towards an audience 5 year old girls.

    Sure, they're the reason some started watching the show in the first place but they're also the reason why so many others harbor disregard for the work Ms. Faust pulled out for all the reasons you pointed out - they're only brusing their own fandom. If anything, bronies are their own poison.

  44. I totally agree with you, on most parts. I don't really care much for the brony fan stuff you mentioned, if the ponies or gay or not or who is a tree or whatsoever, lol.

    But I do agree to disliking Bronies after what they have become. but once again, of course they will calm down eventually, remember when star wars came out? Everyone was like fans and they made thousands of communities and t shirts and porn and shit. It's just a phrase in the ''fan world'' it will calm down more eventually. :)

    Another reason why I really dislike bronies and have no respect for some of them, is the way they act about liking a FUCKING tv show.

    They act as if they are jumping out of the closet ''Mom dad sit down I need to tell you something, I like mlp'' WTF? WHO CARES!? It would be the same as if I sat down with my loved ones and said ''I need to tell you something... I watch two and a half men, or family guy or something'' Seriously, grow up... wtf? How do you expect anyone to take you serious or have any respect for you , when you literally try to make people think you got a mental disorder in your brain -_-

    YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL OR A VICTIM for liking mlp.

    I mean sure, I like Derpy, but seriously, she's gone, get over it, SHE'S JUST A CARTOON CHARACTER, GUYS.

    and everyone knows that Rainbow Factory is a better fanfiction than cupcakes and MLD.

    Also about the music, there are some acoustic musicians. People like Acousticbrony or Mandopony make rock sometimes, but they also make acoustic music. Plus there is a person who makes heavy metal in the fandom. PrinceWhateverer.

    1. "...Rainbow Factory is a better fanfiction than Cupcakes and MLD"

      That's so true.

  46. I agree with almost everything...though I myself havent lost faith in our fandom just yet.

  47. I couldn't agree with you more, except for just a few things.

    Obviously, this is all your opinion and you are entitled to it (Yes, even on the internet). And most of what you say are reasonable things that really should change, but I disagree with the "Human turns into pony/ Human in Equestria" stories, and "My Little Dashie wasn't that great".

    Both are just a complete opinion and neither have reasoning behind them. Even though I agree that HiE stories are a pain, I don't have a problem with them. I'm a writer, and when I was first beginning, I used that concept to get a foothold to start improving my writing with it. Most other writers do the same. And if someone likes to write it and it makes them happy, then what's the problem? And as for My Little Dashie... well, that is just your opinion, and nothing more.

  48. Shitwits made me laugh out loud. I am now gonna start using it. LOL cuz I also am a plageristic person who get songs that I didnt write and videos I didnt make so why not use a word I didnt come up with LOL. I am a mother of a bronie and I was just trying to figure out what a bronie is actually but if they are anything like you my disgruntled bronie or if this is what comes out of the bronie community then I might have to think twice about my sons choices. I sense that you are this fat slob who is in your late 20's who cant hold down a job to save your life. ANd that you live in your moms basement. My vision of what you look like is this big baby Huey with your MLP T-shirt on that is way too small for you and you wear it with pride as a belly shirt. Go take a shower and stop your whining. If you are that distressed about this whole thing then stop doing it.

    1. Calling someone a bunch of names proves nothing in an argument. It makes no points, and it makes you look like a child. "my vision of what you look like is this big baby huey", are you in pre-school?

      Also, learn to use punctuation, space out your text, and try not to look retarded the next time you shit out a wall of text and call it an argument. Fucker.

    2. Bro,you obviously didn't get what he says?
      What the fuck is wrong with you?

  49. too long didn't read;

  50. Sir i believe you have too much cussing, and don't worry not all bronies are like that. I agree with you, it's nice to have friends who are broines, but don't ask so many random questions that aren't a part of any conversation but an interview.

  51. i agree with every god damn word of what you said. but let me tell you all this: literally 10% of the fandom is left clean. this 10% doesn't "clop", doesn't make fan-fics, doesn't say "Love and tolerate" every fucking second of their life. this 10%, is in hiding. no, not "closet bonies", everyday people. people that couldn't give a fuck about liking some god damn show or not. but let me tell you something else: i don't recall a time when there wasn't assholes in a fandom.

    sadly, there is also the one reason i, and many others, have almost left being known in the fandom: the hardcore assholes. the ones that hate anything non-pony related, and the ones that hate anything and anyone against MLP:FiM. but let's not forget, the ones that hate everything, never forgive, and want to kill anyone who disagrees with what they say.

    i have encountered this shit many times, and it sucks. a lot. but, i still find myself in the fandom, but not known at all. i like it that way. i can like what i want, and not give a second shit about what others think. 3 and a half fucking years i have been in this fandom. i have watched it grow, i have seen what it can do. but sadly, i have seen it give birth to all sorts of assholes.

    some day, when the fandom dies down, and is reduced to the 10% of people that still watch, and enjoy the show, i, and many others, will still not fucking care.

    this shall be my last word as i go into hiding.

    sites to watch out for:

  52. I don't hate bronies, despite their odd obsession with cartoon horses with no personality. You whack off to ponies, amazing! You can draw a horse, WOW! You wrote a fan fiction, cool!



  53. Honestly 90% of what you've said is completely valid. Though I have to disagree about your music tastes, but we can agree to disagree on that I'm sure. And I make the occasional pony refference in chats and such (I fawking hate forums... so never there) with usually clever although sometimes tiring lines '20% cooler for example' (Forgive me lol.) Anyway aside from that I agree with everything you've said. However you missed a few of the things I fawking hate about the community... Spam-memes. (Though I suppose that could go on to the topic of forum posts and such) But seriously... The shit that gets old fast like 'Twi-cane' it's not funny, it was NEVER funny, and suffice it to say the only people who think it is are trolls. Which brings me to my next point I think you missed. Fawking trolls. People who claim to be bronies, and then are pretty much just assholes because 'Hur dur I r brny i do no wrong' It's like seriously, you brought up a good point with the 'Love and tolerate what you SHOULD' and some bronies especially as of late have taken that to mean 'Oh hey, I can be a racist, trollish, dick' and that shit has just gotten on my nerves lately.

    PS... Bitch please you know best pony is Rainbow Dash. (Half kidding of course :P)

    Double-PS, I only posted as 'Anonymous' because it didn't offer a facebook option :( (And as I said before I fawking hate forums. This typically includes comment sections, but yknow whatever.)


  55. I agree with pretty much everything you said man. Most bronies I've talked to on the internet have to be the most annoying spoiled brats I've have ever knew. I watch the show but I don't think I can call myself a brony(Or want), since I don't like reading fanfiction, or collecting toys, or going to conventions. And I've actually met a brony in real life... And yes, he was one of the biggest dickbags I've ever met.

    1. If only you had met a brony like me: Friendly until you step on my toes; funny and open minded. i may wear a pinkie sweater wherever i go, but i don't have any other jackets. i may wear a matching shirt, but it's the only one i have besides a bright blue one. way too conflicting

  56. Um sir.
    The pic sparkle pic you tog was made by a female.
    And a russian at that

  57. Yeah they are annoying, they think that ponies are the next big thing, just cuz its a girls show and you like it does not mean you have to tell how awesome it is and want them to like it. People have their fucking opinions so gtfo of their business. They take things too seriously as for if you don't like a character, eventually one douchebag with a thumbnail and name of that character will comment in paragraphs for why the character shouldn't be hate and its the opinion that matters EVEN THO THEY THEMSELVES ARE DOING THEE OPPOSITE! also yea, they go too far and started making porn over ponies and horses. My god do they see them selves wrong? They need to think over this for an X amount of time, is masturbating to fucking horse porn ok?

  58. Honestly I'm mostly tired of horrible "pony" dubstep - seriously hasn't dubstep been over for a while? and secondly why do people make videos over-analyzing the shit out of the show? If you don't like it don't fucking watch it. Don't make me question my liking the one good part of the brony fandom - the actual show!

    1. "been over for a while?" That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

  59. This was very well-written. I mean, as a fic writer I feel especially guilty about the Human in Equestria bit. It's a basic desire to insert yourself into something so grand. But I'm getting off-topic.

    This may be seen as a wake-up call to some. But to a perfect and Aryan and obviously not egotistical person, this is all just drops of liquid nitrogen in the ocean. You may have stalled a few here and there, but 95% of us already had this thought in mind. Most people aren't going to read this because they think it will only offend them. This is why only the like-minded will read and truly understand what you're meaning is.

  60. read some crimes of brony scum.

  61. Actually, bronies are in the right when it comes to distancing themselves from "cloppers" at all costs. I'm not a brony, I know people who are and I'm totally cool with it, but jerking off to a crudely drawn cartoon animal that isn't even anthropomorphic aside from a humanlike face is disgusting. That isn't even furfaggotry, it's straight up zoophilia. You can't defend jerking off to four-legged cartoon animals with egalitarianism; even the most ham-fisted liberals/progressives draw the line at defending pedophilia or zoophilia. The rest of your post was ok, but the fact that you call other bronies "hypocrites" for not tolerating something that could make Quagmire gag is a real self-inflicted shot in the foot.

  62. You sir,I thank you for teaching me one very important thing which I'm confused about.Now I get it why the Brony fandom gets so much hate because of what they did,according to what you've said.Even though I am a Brony,I will still have respect and not to derail any comments section in YouTube,Facebook,Twitter or whatsoever social media.Again,I must reiterate that the Bronies should stop this shit before they get increased hate from haters or other Bronies will get tired of them and will leave the fandom.
    You sir,I shall take my hat off and bow down to you. :)

  63. tl;dr "bronies are terrible people and fuck this(or that) fandom"

    +1 million views

  64. That's true for some people. Actually, as in any other community, the annoying bronies are also the ones who are the most noticeable. I mean, when people agree on something, totally agree, they do not always say so, but when they disagree, plus if they're brain-dead morons seeking for attention, they will automatically post hatred comments/messages/whatever...
    There is a lot of people who ARE bronies, and who TOTALLY ACCEPT for instance, the "I didn't like this episode" phrases.
    They just won't say to anyone who makes a commentary "you have the right to not like this or that thing", but "extremists" will always be nasty when you say that.
    Sadly, people start to think that what they see the most of the bronies are the most of the bronies, which is untrue, and which would be really, really bad. The day a community becomes that rotten, I don't think I'll be able to eat as much as I will want to puke.

  65. Man some of this reminds me of myself. I have to agree Obnoxious Bronies suck ass.also it sucks that more then half of the community DOESNT KNOW A FUCKING TROLL WHEN THEY SEE ONE (I like to counteract and "Cannibal Troll" them XD) Now not all bronies are bad just most good ones hide away like I do too avoid obnoxious ones

    1. me and you both buddy. i wish the good bronies would shine, while the bad ones go away

  66. I've seen 70 comments across Youtube on videos for games like Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress 2, Resident Evil 6, Halo 4, And cartoons like Courage the Cowardly Dog, Spongebob, Gravity Falls, And FUCKING TRANSFORMERS even.

    And "ponyta is best pokemon". Ugh. I'm fucking SICK OF IT. Why can't ALL bronies be like you?

  67. I really hate bronies, they ruin sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc
    Even more annoying is that they fucking ruin Minecraft and Second Life too!

    1. How is it "Ruined" when all you have to do to avoid them is nothing... You're not going to be spammed with ponies unless you like a facebook page, or download a mod for minecraft ETC what i'm trying to say is that its there because you put it there.

  68. And also, you find porn for dogs in real life even. That is WAY more fucked up but here there is NOBODY abusing the people masturbating to dogs...

    1. That's a really bad comparison. Those people probably keep a low profile because they KNOW they'll get shit for openly squeeing about their lust for dogs.

      If you're regularly seeing people post dog porn all over the place, then I don't know what the hell kind of sites you've been frequenting.

  69. Ok, my 2 cents worth of much of nothing.
    "Love and tolerate" Sure, as long as your part of the MLP groupies then its marginal at best, and at best meaning 10% of the entire fandom. I've personally seen more hate then any one place combined.
    Jokes, puns and making everything pony, really, somewhere in the universe a kitten dies every time a pony joke is uttered. Its everywhere, every form, every blog, every youtube channel, and most gaming meets I've been to. I get it, your a brony and now the rest of the universe does.
    Cloppers abound, could you get any worse then this, and insert creepy factor here. The show obviously designed, written and then produced for a young adult age group (yes, young meaning kid) defiled by rule 34 is beyond perverted. Beyond that lets just further add insult to injury when you do a search for MLP and pull up, yup you guessed it every rule 34 picture on the internet, try rationalizing that with the kids parents that Brony's are good.
    Music is horrid at best (very few exceptions) and I should know, I DJ part time. Yes it pisses me off when its "OMG, not enough pony" well OMG, my brain hurts. As a side note, any fandom that goes "Haha, that's so cool" for a song that has the title "Brony pedophile" has issues.
    Quit bitching if your being picked on, trade secret to not being outcasted by society, don't shove it down peoples throats. No one gives a flying rats rear end that your a brony, that you watch MLP or even that your in a fandom, unless you constantly attempt to shove it down their throats. I happen to have been in a many fandoms some that also include costume parts, do I point to the tail and scream "OMG, I'm a ______ look at it, don't you want to know" (I do SCA events and I'm a Furry so not foreign to costume parts).
    I used to be a Brony, until well, XYZ convention happened. Is it a good idea to mix in unknown adult single males in a convention with young girls (and don't tell me that bad things haven't happened, this is why several government agencies are looking in to the community for less then savory things happening). Again, a small percentage but still, why does it happen.. Its not hard to add 2+2 makes 4 here.
    IF you can't TAKE it don't DISH IT OUT, I've had enough of the Furry vs Brony war, Brony's need to get over themselves and look up the definition of Anthropomorphic. I swear the brony community is the first to scream the loudest and the first to whine as well.
    The end all of it, I've been a former brony myself, saw what there was and truthfully felt ill to my stomach. I've been a Furry a lot longer and I will tell you, never in my life have I seen such drama then I have from the Brony community. Outliners exist, maybe 1 in a few dozen uphold the chill-lax attitude but most are just there for social acceptance or an excuse to be different. IF you want to be different man up and be yourself, you don't need an excuse to do so and if you do then your not strong enough to say you are.

  70. Yea I like the comment about the government agencies that are investigating the bronie community due to the multiple instances of child molestation that has happened at every con where adults and children have mixed. The show, created for young children, draws in the children and adults with ill intention see this as the greatest way to fulfill their fucked up fantasies and created it as Bronie. Most of this morons think it was built upon the idea of peace and love but if you look at it that is a VERY small portion of the community. Some are here for the love of the show, half are here because it's the new fad, and the last bit are the ones who know that calling themselves bronies instantly gains the trust of little girls and boys that they can then take lure out. Look at bronycon and how many times the police had to be taken to a location because a young girl was grabbed, touched, rubbed, and in one instance grabbed and taken out of the convention. It sickens me that people would see this as a wholesome family community when it is just a community of psychotic individuals, the mentally disturbed, and pedophiles.

    Please, all bronies, get neutered or spayed and don't breed. We do not need the lower life forms breeding because honestly, I don't want to see the beginnings of idiocracy during my lifetime.

    As a note, I know a few "bronies" through second life (They see it as their real life, sad sad people) and know for a fact one in Australia is dating a very underage girl and then there are the "pony sluts" that go around and offer services in second life and offline. It is sick and disturbing and what's worse, they offer to people no matter the age.


  72. I am neutral'by the way.
    Brony:Ponies are good.
    Anti brony:No
    Brony:I am right.
    Anti brony:no,i am
    P.s Bronies,I do not mind you ponifieing everything,but ponifieing H....

    This has gone too far

    1. wan't me too start a war i have no problem doing so for the fact there of most brony's are annoying (for reason's above} but not all of them...

      PS: lot's of them follow me on google for some odd reason


  74. Bronies are going to far.A lot of things are anoying because of the overrating of mlp. Here are a list of things that were ponified,not that I like any of them.
    Soul Reaver - CHECK
    Kain & Karn - CHECK
    Medieval - Sir Daniel Fortesque - CHECK
    Borderlands 1/2 - CHECK
    Team Fortress 2 - CHECK
    Half Life - CHECK
    Portal - CHECK
    Fallout - CHECK
    Miku Hatsune - CHECK

    Men In Black - CHECK
    MythBusters - CHECK
    MARVEL (Universe) - CHECK
    DC (Universe) - CHECK
    Kingdom Hearts - CHECK
    Timesplitters - CHECK
    Spyro - CHECK
    Slenderman - CHECK
    PowerPuff Girls - CHECK
    Counter Strike - CHECK
    Grand Theft Auto - CHECK
    Street Fighter - CHECK
    Amensia Dark Descent - CHECK
    Battlefield 3 - CHCEK
    Splinter Cell - CHECK
    Uncharted - CHECK




    WAIT FOR IT...




    THAT is why anti-bronys hate.they proubly like the show,but they hate the fanbase.
    Fanart?Just grab a picture,photoshop a pony or turn it into a pony and... done
    Well at least they didnt ponify star trek,Cv-6 The P-51 the flying fortress.......
    That my freind,is why anti-bronies hate.
    Befor you like or hate,Read this:I am not a brony or a anti brony.period.

    1. I ment the P-51,the flying fortress

    2. Wait,they did ponify star trek/

    3. I know,i get confused,nobody is perfect.

  75. Cloppers force their porn on to everyone, regardless of whether or not it's warranted, in good taste, or a good idea; to the point past what most people are capable of handling.

    Lets look at it from a different view.
    About 45% of the fandom can't stand clop.
    About 50% of the fandom doesn't care about clop
    and about 5% like it.

    There is a HUGE amount of clop being forced down people's throats by these people. I swear they can only get off to ponies when they know that they're ruining somebody elses day/week/month/year.

    The most supportive things a reasonable person could say about cloppers is that they might have a hidden redeeming quality somewhere, somehow. It's always a dick move to force clop onto somebody, and it keep happening.

  76. Why do people say rainbow is a lesbian? I hope it's not to do with girlishness, especially from bronies.

    But then again, rainbows....

  77. I wish to say a few things about you, good sir. You have written out a very validated form on what this fandom is suppose to represent from the very beginning. I can deeply understand how messed up this fandom can be, and I can see all the points you have made. Although, I wish to say one things. For Cloppers, there are some good ones that likes to keep it so hidden until you have earn the respect of one's trust, and how you share it with them if they, too, was a clopper, but I can assure you that almost all cloppers in general cannot handle their pony porn so well. I may be a clopper, but I do not share it for anyone at all, although I wish to say that I am, but you get my point. Yes, I can see that Derpy/Ditzy isn't really everything that the fans has to turn their eyes to the most. I mean, in Rainbow Falls (Worst episode in S4, and almost all of the fourth season), Rainbow Dash got hurt, and all felt bad, but when Derpy came into the picture, all went into chaos. For music, I can easily say that Dubstep is now too common within the fandom, and when you reference AcousticBrony, as someone who writes acoustic music within the fandom, is a much more better result than Dubstep, for that categories so much onto Vinyl Scratch, or to her stage name, DJ Pon-3. Moving on, I have witness and experience these kinds of bronies in websites like Facebook and PonySquare, and I cannot believe the results I got from out of it. There were some good moments from Facebook, for I RP as Rarity there, but almost 80% of the time is dealing around with idiots, sexual references, and how it doesn't concern with the show in the first place, which is the bad of it all. This fandom originally started as a fandom who only purpose was to share all that you know within the show, and you can witness the "Magic of Friendship," but since after, I am assuming at best, the end of Season 3, all went completely downhill for their damn corruption and greed for sexual desire. I can say almost for a fact that almost everyone RPs in the community as a lesbian mare, and that is consist of 75% of the community, and IRL, the admins are all males portraying as one. I, for one, deeply supports the LGBT community, but its deeply sad that they used this advantage to have sex with another mare. Artist, as another example, is what takes the fandom to the limit. You got so many people making up a bunch of OCs, and they want to bug artists to do them for free, so they would have the easy way out. I got a few out of the OC I made, but I have to paid them to do them, WHICH IS FAIR TO DO!!! In all, I can see that this fandom has lost its mind, and people are dealing with psychological problems, and they are making the ordinary people as insane as they are. I don't mind the show, for the meanwhile in spite of the Season 4 Finale, that should've ended the series there, the merchadises, and SOME of the friends that respects me for who I am, and the last remaining goodness of their pony selves, but I do wish I can avoid the topic of not seeing a die-hard brony that likely shoves the show and fandom down everyone's throat, and claiming that Princess Celestia and Luna are their "Goddesses" to protect them from the "evil" of the world that pursue them into a religion, and how idiotic almost all bronies out there they can be. Plus, I am indeed one brony that hates the fandom and the fans on how they turned something once amazing and simple into something that is now run by a strip joint. If one day, I can see RIP, Brony Fandom 2010-????, that'll be the day I can make this fandom pure again by showing the younger generation what it means to make friends again. Thank you for anyone that read this.

    PS. Rarity is best pony for me. I am really generous if you get to know me.

  78. I'd like to thank you sir, for spreading non-asinine thoughts on the internet. I don't like bronies either, because I had a fight with one because he wanted Twilight Sparkle to be in SSBB4 (which would never happen anyway). I tried to reason with this faggot, but he was one of the illogical ones. Thank you for showing your competence and reason.

  79. What pisses me off bronies follows exactly what the OP said about being obnoxious. These sacks of fat and neckbeard follow a very simple algorithm.
    1) make 2349823928 pictures related to every fucking subject to man. Pretty much all having nothing to do with bronies.

    2) when people correctly point out that these obnoxious, fat, neckbeard NEETS are pushing their fandom down everyone's throat. They throw their hands up in the air playing the victim card screaming about being persecuted. These sperglords have been locked in their mothers basements watching MLP for so long that they don't have the social skill/ development to realize how obnoxious they are being. This is why many people call them autistic IMO, because so many must be socially retarded to no pick up on the fact that they are acting like complete shitheads.

    3) When done playing the victim card proceed to release another 239482398239823 MLP pictures related to every subject known to man,

    Calling yourselves bronies brings on the same hate that trekkies got for this reason: You have just stated outright that your identity as a person revolves around this television show. That's who you are a person. When your obsession hits the point where your whole identity revolves around a tv show regardless of what it is it's no wonder people are going to think this a group of NEETS that has lost touch with reality. Add in the fact that it's core demographic is for 6-8 year girls and it only compounds the belief.

    An example of bronies pushing their fandom on everyone is just a few days ago I was trying to find a funny picture from the show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I can't remember the exact subject now, but it had nothing to do with bronies, furries, cartoons, or even horses. in Google images there were 4 MLP pictures. I thought for a second about what was related to show based on my search criteria and couldn't come up with anything. This happens -all the fucking time-, and is why I find these people so fucking annoying.

    If bronies weren't such socially retarded little shits I wouldn't have a problem with them. Instead they come into unrelated threads and derail the conversation to be about MLP and play the victim card when people correctly tell them to stfu.

  80. 1) claim to hate all bronies
    2) actually only express hate towards hypocrite-bronies who simultaneously preach tolerence while being intolerant towards cloppers
    3) profit?

    Also, reading article on Derpy...
    >The character is addressed by Rainbow Dash in The Last Roundup as Derpy, where she speaks for the first time.
    >The scene was later altered so Rainbow no longer names Derpy

    Dat conspiracy

  81. I think the vast majority of you here just like to bitch about shit that doesn't matter.

    Enjoy your bitching I guess. Nobody's listening lol.

    1. So you decided to make comment that is bitching about people bitching?

      Enjoy your bitching about bitching I guess.

  82. After reading your article I realized that alot of what you said is true but also a lot of things that are in here are pretty stupid. First off, I tend to stay away from fanfictions since it's just stories of other people's imaginations and I'm not into that stuff, but if you are good for you. Equestria daily? I just go there to see the news in the community I don't see why a lot of people hate it.

    I see what you say about the whole "love and tolerate" thing but I think of it this way you got to "love" the things you love about the community and "tolerate" all the other shit because it's there whether you like it or not which is the same in every Fandom heck, that's how life is. The clopping all depends on who you talk to and who you meet. I've spoken to a lot of cloppers as well as people who don't clop. Of course the non-cloppers think cloppers are disgusting because it's a more of a furry kind of thing. It just doesn't fit everyone's taste.

    The overtaking of comments? Maybe it's just who you are watching but last time I checked being a brony wasn't THAT huge. If it was youtube those comments probably got lost in the sea of junk 1 day later.The reason you don't really see other genres of music is because you don't look for it. I can't tell you how many other genres of so called "pony" music I've seen. I personally and a fan of all these dubstep and electronic "pony" music because I like it. I'm a huge fan of edm and music like it.

    The point is every Fandom has its ups and downs and the brony community is no exception so stop being so butt hurt about it just ignore it.

    As a wise man once told me (in this community you just tap someone on the shoulder and ask "do you want to be my friend? And if they say no, then fuck them")

  83. I was with him right up until "Zecora is best pony"

    Just no.

  84. Bronies suck and clopping is stupid. I hope the fandom ends. It's for little girls, not for lonely, autisic guys to fap to. Love and tolerate? Bronies can't even tolerate haters lol. So it's more like love and hypocritical. Yea I'm a hater and know it. I'll probably get hated for this comment, but oh well. If any of you get pissed and angry at my comment...welp..not my problem :P

    1. You are saying bronies are hypocrites because they don't tolerate your hate, when you don't tolerate them for liking something you don't.

      No one has to tolerate hate towards a group of people. In fact, no one should.

      I tolerate your hatred towards My Little Pony. I don't tolerate your hatred towards everyone who likes it. I also don't tolerate your hatred towards autistic people.

      If I hated you because you hate My Little Pony, then I would be like you. Fortunately, I'm not like you. Unlike you, I have a brain and can accept people who don't share my interests or like things when they aren't the target audience.

    2. So by your logic, Albert Einstein, Mozart and Isaac Newton were like those people?

      Here's a lesson, buddy: being autistic does not equal being a disgusting brony.

  85. This is great, its exactly how i feel. i hate bronies

  86. Dude... Can I hug you? But seriously, I nearly cried while reading this. I wish there were more bronies like you out there. Now can you please help me get out of my misery?

  87. I think all you need to die by a plane crash.

  88. I hope you get cancer.

  89. I know this is an old article, but you've spoken the truth. I used to be an MLP fan myself but I'm not really in the fandom so to speak anymore, mostly because of shit all like this, they along with the show changing for the worst and taking a dip in quality made it so I no longer watch it, hell they even argue over the show which made me question the quality of it, and I couldn't handle that.